Thursday, November 6, 2008

Come Here Black Boy!

On Election Day Noah and I made the fast food rounds because we had tons of errands to run. Since I was in the area, I decided to hit up the McDonalds with the giant playland where I can have grownup time while Noah plays with big kids. He's always the minority there, which usually isn't a problem. Except this time there was an issue.

This time there was another child there maybe 6-7 yrs old who was very much in our personal space, and with parents who ignored his behavior. His younger brother seemed to know how to act right, but I'm going to take a wild guess this child may have had some issues. From the time we walked in he was standing at our table with a running commentary on everything. Which my child was parroting inappropriately. Which included how black my child is. I get that at some ages kids state the obvious. What was most sad was the look I got from the child when he asked why my son was so black and I said because my son's dad was black. I think that child is now completely confused as to how that could possibly happen. Plus, he then ran off after my son YELLING "hey black boy, little black boy come here!" while everyone in the play area pretended not to hear him. Including the parents!

I finally had to stop him and tell him my son's name was Noah, in the nicest way possible of course. Inside I was ready to rip someone a new one with my momma bear feelings. Normally I don't care and just shrug it off, but the parents' reaction of just sitting there, like they were clueless, and not even having the courtesy to correct their child is what set me off. I know the child wasn't doing it maliciously, but it was getting on my nerves that the parents didn't step in and stop what was obviously inappropriate behavior from the time we got there. Then I felt like crap for getting irritated when the boy was so sweet and was helping my son when he was stuck. He obviously enjoyed playing with my child and making him laugh, but his parents were inattentive and I stepped in more than once to correct my child from copying the other child's odd behaviors.

I know I have plenty of time to figure out the best way to deal with people pointing out the obvious, but for now it always catches me off guard. Especially on election day when I was riding my high of a possible 'Black boy' becoming President.

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