Sunday, November 16, 2008

Costco and Shoes

I spent my day stimulating the economy. I spend more money when I don't have my son with me, and I think it's because I can jump in and out of the car and browse around for too long when he's not there. When I have him with me, I'm on a mission. The mission ends when the child starts losing it. Get in, follow the list, get out, and pray it's not naptime when I can go. Today I went, browsed, tasted things, had uninterrupted conversation, got in and out of my car quickly, and went to stores on a whim, including the shoe store. I tried on shoes. A lot of them. In silence. It was WONDERFUL! Someone asked if I miss him when he's gone, and the answer lately is "not until the third day." Except there's only been a 'third day' one time. I'm lucky I got 24 hours this time, with an addendum that work will be preventing any future visits where the child actually leaves my house.

So Costco just got a huge chunk of my change this weekend while I broke in the new membership, & if I have to even step in a grocery store anytime soon for anything other than milk, I'll be annoyed. I seriously broke the food budget for almost 2 months there. I totally need a small extra freezer to make it worth it. $189.00 at Sears...on my list of things to get. I held a Wii in my hands and walked away from it. Thankfully my partner in crime at Costco today reminded me that I have NO time to play it and a certain small child has a penchant for throwing things and breaking them. One laptop is all I can take in the damaged electronics catagory this year.

My fridge is still pretty bare, but I had to remember that I ordered food from: (thanks to Shannon for the info), which was a HUGE help, and I go pick it up on Saturday. I'm sure I'll be putting in my December order the Tuesday after I pick up. I just want to see what we're getting before doing another order. If it's good, normal stuff (aka not icky looking), they'll be getting a huge chunk of my food budget as well. Grocery stores just aren't cutting it for me these days. It's just not fitting in my schedule and when I can go, it's overwhelming how much I need. I also don't like lugging all the bags up 3 flights.

Public Service Announcement: Single moms with small children, don't live more than second floor walk up, it's a logistical nightmare if you have more than one trip with groceries or anything else. It's I leave them in the car and make trips, or leave them in the apartment and make trips. Both suck.

So I shopped and shopped some more, and got home and rearranged my living room. Again. My poor kid comes home from his dad's and the place is different every time. At least now he has a play area with more room to drag out toys.

The best thing today was getting some great advice for the tantrums I anticipated later, & that's a post for tomorrow. Right now I have to finish homework that didn't get done last night.

Things for later this week (note to self):
  • Katt Williams comedy DVD, or as I call it, cracking at the seams.
  • Maintaining order and curbing tantrums after daddy's house.
  • Random things for which I just wanted another bullet point.
  • Links to Blogs I read and love.

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