Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Now I know why I don't post everyday

Seriously, all I talk about is my kid's tantrums. Honestly, that's the most pressing thing going on with me. I work at home with the kid here and really tantrums is the best it gets here. I'd talk about the lack of potty training going on, and I think I missed my window of interest, but since we're not focusing on it, it's not an issue.

Today, tantrums again but they're so random it's astounding. I'm really struggling with this. Today, I knew we were going out when he was tired, but it's not just that. He wants to be independent but when that means running through the library like a madman while I pick up books, it doesn't work. It means he has to hold mommy's hand to stay by me because he's not listening or following the rules. He hates holding my hand and wants to be free! Ironically I was picking up the 123 Magic book per recommendation by a friend. I practically threw it at the lady at the check out desk while I tried to keep a yelling, soon to be screaming child under control for 2 more minutes. Thankfully she was fast and the evil eyes I got from other patrons were long behind me. The screaming and crying continued at hellion levels for the next 5 minutes. And yes, I shouted at him to stop crying & told him we had to leave because he didn't follow the rules. There were only two, no running, no yelling. He broke them both so no kids section today.

Then we go to the grocery store, because I'm obviously a fool, and I had to get milk and eggs. I was prepared for freak outs, and I knew he was beyond tired, but sometimes there's no choice for a single parent. You get it right then since there's no getting it later. In my case because of work or no other parent to watch him while I run out to the 24-hour store while he sleeps.

So the grocery store, the only rules were hold my hand in the parking lot because the big cars will smash you flat, and no screaming but stay by me. I think because I let him have more freedom to run ahead he was happier. I only needed 6 things and had him try to help me hold and find things. Nothing like the library where I was trying to find the books and get out and be quiet. So the store was perfectly fine! I was amazed at the completely different child I had on my hands. He was smiling and waving at people so when he practically ran into them it wasn't too horrible. We only had a few iffy moments where I wouldn't let him hold the milk or handle the eggs, but redirection to have him hold the coffee (yes I went 2 days without it omg) seemed to work. I wasn't sure if it would work though. That's the hard part. What worked in the store today, won't work another day. We've had days where he would've thrown the coffee container because I wouldn't let him carry the too heavy milk. It's such a crap shoot that it gives me anxiety to think about it.

So the 123 Magic book, hopefully I'll find time to read some of it. You know, because I have 3 weeks to do 8 weeks of Lit reading/movies homework...and computer assignments, etc.

Tomorrow I promise not to write about tantrums. Maybe dating, or the lack thereof instead. Not tantrums. Maybe they'll go away and I won't have to write about them again!

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