Thursday, November 13, 2008

The one where the house exploded, aka The Gas Leak

Finally some excitement here! I really did have a gas leak, which I doubted for weeks as it would just puff out when the heater started blowing but then was gone. So I finally told myself to call just to be sure, and after my HVAC uncle suggested that Yes, Call! So the gas company had to turn off my gas when it set their meter off! It's not bad enough that it'll blow us up right now, but left to continue could've technically gone very, very badly. I kept picturing us getting exploded right out the patio doors every time the heat kicked on. Or maybe getting burned up in our sleep since the heater is in the bedroom closet.

The bad thing is that the gas company turned it off after the time that our maintenance people could hire a contractor to fix it tonight because, again, the heater is in the closet in the ceiling and "there are no contractors that will come right now." Also to be understood as, "We are not paying an HVAC person over normal rates to fix this after hours, just suffer for now." So I have to empty the closet I just filled with our things, move it all back into the living room which I just emptied of boxes/stuff. Plus, they have to come rip apart my closet and tear the ceiling out to get to the heater. I'll be working while this goes on, which should be fun if the noise level gets out of control.

Thankfully the weather isn't as cold as it has been and it's only 52 and raining. So being on the top floor and having the weather hold out for us tonight works in our favor. Plus, if it's not done tomorrow, I will have a fit, but we now own an electric blanket which will also keep our heat bill down in the future. I'm just so happy I'm not insane in smelling gas, and a little freaked out when they were telling me not to turn onoff appliances until they checked it! The fact they don't ring your bell in case of a spark sounded just so fun as well. Good times.

So that was my highlight of the day. Aren't you glad it wasn't about tantrums?

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