Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President (elect) Barack Obama - day 5

HOLY SHIT we did it!

Every time I hear them say "President Elect Barack Obama" I get giddy. I'm completely stunned and thrilled to know that FINALLY my vote was for the winner. It sucks when your party loses every time you vote. LOL I'm just glad it was a clear win instead of the craziness of previous elections.

I kept my 2.5 yr old up to see them announce his win, even though the kid was bouncing off the walls. He doesn't understand it all now, but he will. Having a biracial son, it'll be important to him later to look back on the first biracial (Black) President. It makes me so sad Obama's grandmother didn't make it to see this day.

I'm ready to go get the newspaper in the a.m. for his baby book. LOL

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