Monday, November 3, 2008

Rookie Mom Mistake - Day 3

First, this is more than I've posted in the last 3 months. Hooray.

Second, I made a rookie mom mistake today. I said I wouldn't do this one because how dumb was it to punish yourself this way? Well I did it without thinking. I revoked the park outing we both desperately need right now.

Today I promised my son the park after I got done working at 3p, which by the way is often naptime. Then he was SO naughty while I worked, and not listening and throwing nasty loud tantrums, that I had run out of time outs and patience. So the words popped out, "We are NOT going to the PARK today since you don't know how to behave!" I revoked the park outing! What was I thinking?! Now I can't take it back and just go. It's beautiful here today too and we won't get many more of these. Tomorrow we have errands to do...during naptime. Wish me luck. I might work from home everyday, but I sure know how to create a schedule that ensures nothing gets done!

Right now, as I sit here typing this, he's pulling everything out of his backback that goes to the babysitters/dad's house. He is headed for the treadmill that I've already said repeatedly is dangerous, don't touch. I don't even have the energy or desire to say anything, but yet somehow I find another, "Do NOT touch, ONE...TWO...thank you for listening". Our brains are rotting with Snow White playing in the VCR, the DVD player just finished...something...and yet all hell is still breaking loose here. My head hurts, I even got these grinding, chest crushing hiccups because I was getting so upset. I never get hiccups unless I'm really annoyed and keeping it in.

I'm tired of being the 'mean' parent after he gets home from dad's house. He's going through a tantrum phase lately anyway and it's wearing me down. I know I need to be consistant with the time outs and follow through with what I say, but holy cow I'm tired. I feel the urge to give in and let him do whatever today. I just can't stand it. I'm killing myself to keep us afloat and I'm still rewarded with screaming, body flopping tantrums. I think it's naptime for us both. Hopefully, our attitudes are better after some rest. Where's my Nintendo DS?

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