Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shame on you Dr. Pepper! *EDIT*

Today only Dr. Pepper is offering a free bottle of it's product since Guns N Roses came out with it's album. Read the MSN article HERE.

The problem is that Dr. Pepper wasn't prepared for the onslaught of people who are trying to get their free soda. Way to ensure you don't have to give away too much free product Dr. Pepper. Shame on you for your poor handling of the traffic on your site.

For the past 2+ hours I've been trying to sign up and I get a variety of pages telling me they can't handle the traffic the promotion has generated:

Or I get a blank page, or if I use Firefox I get a Connection Interrupted error. Refreshing does not work, and other attempts to get around this issue have not worked. I'm not the only site writing about this issue either:

So shame on you Dr. Pepper for offering promises you cannot keep, and for not making this much touted promotion ready for the public to redeem.

I finally did get my coupon at about 9:00p, but I did still get errors on the page. It does seem that Dr. Pepper has extended the offer and printed an apology.

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