Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Still sick

Now if I'm upright too long a hacking horrible cough descends on my body. Just in time to be well by Thanksgiving. I promise not to cough in the pies.

Noah (knock on wood) seems to be immune from this sickness so far. I think I wore myself out by working 55 hours a week plus school overload and then everything else that happens in life. Since I work from home, 55 hours a week doesn't seem as overwhelming as it would in an office, but the wear and tear on my immune system was the same. Plus I work with the toddler stressing me out at all times. There rarely is a time when my son isn't hanging on me while I try to work, and when I'm transcribing it doesn't work well.

So hopefully the boy child hangs in there with his wellness, and I'll be over this hacking cough tomorrow. I have to bake dammit!

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