Saturday, November 15, 2008

These three things....

First, the gas leak is still there. I am beyond pissed, but such is life. It won't kill me to wait until Monday...I hope.

Second, the boy child is with his dad and I have silence in my home. It's beautiful. I've already had a phone conversation without interruptions and with swearing, I'm watching a 'not for children' commedian on DVD, and the homework getting done...OMG the homework is almost completely caught up. I have BIG plans for tomorrow before he gets home. Costco (again) without the tantruming, "I want to walk and run into people or get lost in a crowd" child, and without crying or bribary with samples. Just me and my friend and maybe there's a DSW nearby. LOL Hooray shoes!!!!!

Lastly, and family you may want to stop reading here unless you care about my (lack of) a love life.

I totally need to start dating. How is it that while I have tons to do in the little time I have, that I'd rather be out on a date? Or at least watching a movie at home and 'making out on the couch' type thing going on. The laundry... well it can wait, the last of the's been waiting. So here I am wanting to share my time with someone. It's cold outside and I could use some damn man heat in here. Just as long as they don't linger because I just do not have time for that. LOL

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