Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vacation time

I just booked a trip to see my sis in a warmer climate than Chicago's current temps. Now if I can just figure out the logistics of bringing the car seat through the airport, with a toddler who likes to run, and either a stroller or carry on luggage. I only get one or the other. I have until Dec. 3 to think about it, and to figure out how not to break my budget with gadgets people are selling to parents traveling with small children!

I mean seriously, $75 for some fabric that wraps around your kid on the airplane seat in a 5-point harness, but woo hoo they got FAA approved? WTF! Or maybe the $80 stroller that attaches to the toddler car seat instead so I can wheel him around. *sighs* I'm thinking some duct tape to strap my kid to me might be cheaper.

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