Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Photo Dump

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

I know I've been quiet, but I haven't had anything pleasant to say publicly. So I said nothing at all. I have posts written in my head, but I don't get them out. It's the holidays! Happy face! Whee!

Anyway, 'Santa' made it to my house at about 3:00am today. The boy wouldn't go to sleep until 12:30 AM...yes, 12:30 a.m. Killing me he is. I didn't even get to start cooking anything for my mom's house until almost 9:00pm! I finished at 2:00am. Tomorrow I only need to do the main dish and I'm good to go! My mom had to have surgery so I get to do the cooking this year. Hopefully it turns out as planned.

Also, next time I let Noah open a Christmas Eve gift, I need to make it the easiest one to construct. Suffice to say, my hands are jacked up now from a bungy cord on a trampoline...not single mom friendly at all. More on that later.

Today we watched Santa make his way across the world. I kept thinking, what a great way to teach kids geography! Although, according to that map, Santa came by at 11:30p and Noah would've gotten skipped for being awake! LoL

The ex is supposed to be coming over before 8:00am. I'm debating if I should just try to nap on the couch...again. I'm just wondering if he's going to bring his gifts for Noah with him and if they'll upstage mine. Isn't that weird to think? I shouldn't care, but I do. Oh well. He can help me carry out all the boxes with my food items! It won't be a long visit anyway since we have to leave at 11:00am for my mom's house.

Ok, must nap or will be sleeping in my dinner at the table! LOL

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Home Again

Hooray I'm home! It's almost like I wasn't even gone. I wish our sleep schedules could say the same.

School is done and I may take a semester off. I need to focus on other things and my grades reflect my indifference to school right now. If I take any classes, it'll be my statistics class (for the third time) to get my second Associates degree. This one in Science, the other was Arts. Might as well, it's one class. One class = less stress.

I'm feeling bah humbuggy this year. I want to put up my tree, but after the gas leak repairs the place is a wreck. We'll see. I have all the presents here. I have to wrap them. Oh well. Maybe doing the tree will help.

Friday, December 5, 2008

On Vacation!

It's warm here. NO snow! I'm going to be so depressed when we have to leave here. I'm so warm.

I'll have to write about the horrible airport experience later since I'm nodding off already. I'm just curious about two things: Why do TSA's have to be so ignorant because they can, and why don't smaller sized convertible carseats not fit in the aisle of a plane? Oh! And WHY did not ONE person help me with lifting the carseat over the plane seats when I was trying to get it, and everything on it, into an empty row?! Rude, just rude, all the way throughout the airport.

Bedtime! Hooray!

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