Monday, January 19, 2009

Link Love - Fashion Finds & Shopping

Ok, this is blog linking at it's best. LOL

I always lurk on other people's blogs via my Sage RSS feed reader (mozilla addon), so I don't comment often or email other people. Today was different because it was about fashion!

First, I've been reading The Pink Shoe Diaries for years, as in before Noah was born years. She is having a PURSE SALE which is awesome because no Eb@y fees! Woot! I got these two for a steal:

So I then thought of Fab Finds Under $50 to whom I sent the link to said purse sale. She inspires some of the fashion changes I want to make to my wardrobe. The thing I also like is that she's not a size 2 as in the magazines so I'm able to see how it might look on someone of a similar size/shape!

I was linked to her blog from Fabulous Financials who inspires me to get my money in order and other saving ideas. She was the reason I finally started paying myself first in my ING Direct account. Feel free to email me for referral codes for free $ in your account when you sign up!

Then there's HauteLook, which I just found via a link from one of my survey companies. Note that some of these are sample sales with sizes being limited for certain designers. The children's clothing and accessories are nice if you aren't size 0-12!

About HauteLook
As the "hottest thing to hit the fashion business in years" HauteLook is a club which organizes 24-72 hour online private sales. All goods are direct from the manufacturer and are guaranteed authentic. Premium brands are sold on a first come, first served basis and can be acquired for up to 75% off retail prices. For privileged HauteLook club members, the value is simple:
"access to great brands at unbeatable prices". Membership is free.

If you use the coupon code CUSTSERV10, you get $10 off your order. I got these two adorable City Thread shirts for my son for $27 (normally $38. each!), including shipping:

And last, but absolutely not least, my long term friend and awesome maker of children's clothing: Sew Glamorous. She has an Etsy store link on her site.

And that's it. I'm off to get the child a haircut, return some $40 boots that are cute but don't fit, and buy a belt. Oh, and to the library before returning home! Can you tell this is a rare day off before school starts tomorrow? Hooray!

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