Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boo Hiss FedEx, Hooray Ebay, and Dreaded Returns!

Hmph! I didn't even SEE the FedEx guy today. Why? Because he just left my stuff OUTSIDE the apartment building at the door and my neighbor brought it up! I was home, no reason not to ring the bell except pure laziness. Even stalking the website, I didn't even know until an hour after it was delivered that I should check outside. Anyone could have stolen it. Bad form FedEx. At least ring the bell before just dropping and leaving, signature needed or not.

More of this on Friday when I have my DSW delivered. If that one 'vanishes' all hell will break loose. Although this is what I see on the FedEx website: "Tendered to USPS for delivery" What the hell does that mean?! Is it coming tomorrow? That would suck since I'm not going to be home most the day. Suckage.

Speaking of shopping, my Twilight Series books are doing okay, but the Limited Edition Nintendo DS bundle is already earning a profit. Scouring my house for more good stuff! Being a packrat just paid off. Now I wish I'd gotten a pair of those Ty dolls that were named after the Obama girls and were retired! Kind of like I wish I'd bought stock in Amazon when they first came out! LOL

Also, buying things online on final clearance with no returns from Torrid is decidedly iffy. I'm undecided about the sunglasses and the tights were SO CUTE but a size too small. My Old Navy exchanges/returns also grew as I'm just not sure washing will shrink things to the perfect fit.

Now that I think about it, I'm going to have to do a separate shopping deals blog since this isn't child related at all is it?


Nicole said...

Your mailman is going to deliver it instead of the incredibly bad at his job Fed-Ex guy!
Be on the lookout!

Jennifer said...

It's sad when USPS does a better job than FedEx! At least I know the people in my building won't take it...I hope! My poor shoes are in jeopardy.

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