Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The boy who cried wolf

He was fine. Told me for two days his ear hurt, needed medicine, and he wanted to go to the doctor, and for $20 he got a sucker and a sticker and a bill of clean health.

It's just a common cold with runny nose that I'm sure the daycare kids shared with him in the two hours he was there. Seriously, the reason I work from home is because every time he goes to daycare (once every six months) he gets sick two days later. I'd be out of any office job more time than I would be in it.

Anyway, the doctor stuck her ear thing in his ear and he magically proclaimed she fixed it and it was all better. All the signs he was really sick...false alarms due to super sticky snot. Although, the last time when he didn't seem sick and couldn't tell me he felt bad, he had blisters on his eardrums from a horrible infection. The guilt over that one still lingers. So I just can't win!

Guess who's feeling the sickness now? Yep...me. Let's hope it's a quick and somewhat painless illness.

(Reminder for me: Height 36" 30% - Weight 26# 5% hooray)

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