Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Lows and Highs

The lows of single parenting are when you have Math homework and Design projects due by midnight and you have a sick child laying on you.

It's having only one arm is able to type and move the mouse to finish, but the guilt of not putting all your attention on the sick, sleeping child eats away at you.

It means you can't just run out to get ginger ale when they start barfing.

It means sleeping on the loveseat in the living room so your bed doesn't get barfed on and you can keep them propped up for easier breathing.

It's the sleeplessness that is going to occur with multiple wake ups and a stiff neck.

The highs are when you had previously had a great time at the children's museum, mcd's playland, and then grandma's house all in one day!

It's your child telling you their ear is hurting and that they want to go to the doctor, whom you haven't had to see in 8 months!

Lastly, he'll be better just in time to go to his dad's house. Which I'm not sure if that's a high or a low! Actually, by then I'll need the break and time to scrub the house down.

It's been a while since my son's been sick and we were around a lot of children Friday and Saturday who shared their germs. I expected it, but it still doesn't make it any easier. Especially when it's been a while and you forget how helpless you feel to make them feel better. And how hard it is to hear them cry hysterically and fight you when you try to suction the snot out. The guilt is a heavy weight on my shoulders tonight. Let it be lifted soon.

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