Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Online Shopping Wars

I'm a complete obsessive when it comes to tracking my packages. It's served me well in the past when my memory chip for my laptop was left outside in the snow (USPS thanks). This time I'm stumped though.

I'm just wondering how Old Navy shipping from Ohio to IL via UPS is only two days straight through IN, but DSW shipping from Ohio via FedEx had to go up to WI before coming to IL and is taking FOUR DAYS?! Just wondering how that works exactly. The FedEx guy better be way hotter than my hot UPS guy, I'll tell you that. LOL

This will teach me to shop in the DSW store down the street next time and not online. Hell, I'll have to return exchange at least two pair when I decide I hate them anyway.

Oh, and I finally started getting rid of my stored forever hoarded crap on Ebay! And yes, I'm obsessively tracking those as well. It's awesome, and how have I never sold things before now?

This in no way indicative of a shopping obsession, I swear! Even if the UPS guy does know the state of my child's health and asks about him. LOL I'm ready to date, and if I have to be a 'bigger' girl dating then I'm going to look damn good doing it! I totally scored on the super clearance sales with stacked coupons, and it's been almost a year since I did an overhaul.

The hair is next....

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