Saturday, February 21, 2009

Statistics - third time is a curse not a charm!

Thirty percent. That's the probability I failed my test. Oh wait, that's the SCORE I got on my second test. Seeing as how this is the THIRD time I've taken this same class, you'd think I'd get it right this time. I got a little cocky and didn't do the homework. I only took notes on the intruction/book material, which I brought in with me, and I still got a 30%! Seriously, that's like failing an open book test. It shouldn't happen. I even had examples so I knew how the formulas worked. But when I looked at the questions, I couldn't figure out what formulas they needed.

And honestly, how is the answer NOT ZERO, that the probability a company will pass inspection when 1 of 10 is considered passing, and 4 of 10 were found to be defective (or something like that)? It's ZERO probability that they'll pass dammit!! That's the kind of math they used to pass the peanut butter plant apparently. Currently, I'm thinking the probability of me using the tutoring center to be 100%.

Ironically, I got the ones about pulling cards out of a deck and the probability of things like face card vs black, etc. That just means I play too much Texas Hold 'Em!

I just need a C to get my other Associates degree. I cannot let this class defeat me. I will NOT let it defeat me dammit.

1 comment:

Hef said...

School is such a buzz kill.

I'm blowing it this semester.

I admire your determination!

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