Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm avoiding homework again. I designed a really nice background for another blog and now I want to keep doing it. I don't want to do Statistics homework. That 30% made me feel like, why bother. I hate that I get like that! Even my design homework I feel like isn't keeping my attention.

Work is burning me out for a check that makes me laugh and seriously think about finding a new job or figuring out how to supplement until it comes back up. I'm not sure if it's me and the distractions here, or a lack of work coming in for everyone they've hired lately. We'll see in about two months, we'll see.

Noah is getting better. I may survive the toddler years yet. I noticed he's listening better and being nicer and just understanding and verbalizing things he couldn't before. Seriously, I hate repeating myself and it's a HUGE pet peeve. Having a toddler who doesn't listen is a real test of my sanity at times. Then, just as I thought I couldn't stand one more day of the child not following directions, and telling him to 'clean up clean up' for the 5 zillionth time, it got better. I made a conscious effort as well to change, so when I feel anxious and stressed about saying to come here, come HERE, COME HERE DARN IT, to stop and redirect him or give him a new option. Then I'm not mad that he's not listening because it's a new request and we go back to the the old one after. When it's an immediate need like walking down the stairs with our feet, not our butt, then the 1, 2, 3 timeout is instituted. Lately, I get to 2 and he runs before 3. I've been hearing NO a little more often, so we have kinks to work out. I instituted a better bedtime routine, and adjusted my work schedule a little for better focus on him and his needs as well. So far so good, except for a few incidents like the dribbling of the milk out of his mouth when he's lying down! That one is going to kill me, I swear it is. First, milk is NOT cheap and he's wasting it. Then there's the milk mess on the pillows and his Diego couch. Lastly, the milk in his hair and clothing which are soaked by the time I catch him. He's sneaky about it and it bites my butt every time. Remembering he won't be 2.5 forever. Phew! I've actually started searching out preschools for fall!

I'm just so tired. I want to DO so many things and I just can't get them all in. I don't know how and then everything suffers. I run two meetup groups now (with help in one thank god), 1/2 time school, and 50 hours a week of work. That obviously does not include family events, friend time, or child/parent time. How do I jam in what I want to do with what I need to do? My poor Outlook is on overload. I am the poster child for Calgon taking me away...but then I'd have to clean my tub first!

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