Saturday, March 28, 2009

School and a Video

I'm really trying to pass my Stats class this semester without failing my Design class and it's not working. I'm currently NOT passing the Statistics class but I am betting a B in Design. Seriously, I just need the dumb Stats class to get my AS degree. Why can't I put the effort into passing this damn class? I do everything I can to avoid it and this sucks. Now I'm sick, the car is having major issues, and I'm just trying to keep my head above water with everything.

Noah's taken to exploring lately. Places he didn't care a fig about before now are now places to get into mischief. It was hilarious but a little scary because it's the only room not child proofed. I was working while he decided to do this:

I was terrified he drank some of the mouthwash bottle as it was actually 1/4 full. So I had to smell his breath and I worried for a while, but he just poured it down the sink. Also, that doorknob cover works better if the door is shut all the way, & now I keep the mouthwash cap on all the way! Please ignore the freecycle stuff in the hallway! I love spring cleaning!

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