Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blog slacker, but not so much in life.

I'm playing catch up everywhere. I just picked up 2 new little data entry positions and a paid blogging job, all from home. I've been lurking as a reader and so many other people are going through similar things that I should just post links and say, "This is how I feel too."

My SUV is broken, which is one reason I'm grateful to be working & going to school from home. The shop tried to gouge me with an $800.00 estimate for a full set of brakes all the way around! Ironically, when I drove it home with their caveat that it wasn't safe, the caliper just happened to seize up on the right front brake and I had to be towed home. What kind of shop does that to a single mom with a 3 yr old in the car?! I've already talked to a few people and it wasn't coincidence, but they covered their ass with the disclaimer on the estimate. Thank God for AAA, and my son got to have an adventure with a tow truck. The black marks left by my stuck tire all over the road and my parking lot at home, not so much of an adventure!

More sucky is that I was starting to look for a 'new for us' car, like a Volvo or Subaru station wagon, or something with 4 doors. At least with the rentals on the weekends, it's like test driving different cars all the time! I've currently decided that Aveos are not for us even with 4 doors, although I still like the VWs in that size. The Sonata was nice size-wise to cart family and Noah, but I've worked in their customer service, so I'm not sure about that. LOL This weekend I'll be testing the Spectra, and we'll see how that works carting family around in it. Thankfully it's not that expensive to only rent cars for the weekend & my truck is paid off.

I've also managed to spring clean most of my house and got rid of clutter. Now if I can find out how to get 5 loads of laundry done without going up three flights of stairs, that would be great. I already learned that the laundymat with Noah is OUT unless it's one quick load. I really, really wish I could afford to rent a townhome with a grassy area and a washer/dryer inside. I feel so far away from everyone in my current suburb than I did in the last one. The problem is that this place is super affordable and very sunny and not too terribly ghetto. LOL Feeling safe, having quiet, and the sunlight is really important to me.

Otherwise, I'm trying to figure out how to keep from going crazy and not yelling too much while my son doesn't nap anymore and runs me ragged while I'm working. I managed to finally rid us of the pacifier before the 3rd bday (miracles), and now I just need to get us on top of potty training so I can get him in preschool. I don't even want to talk about how the ex said he's not going to help me pay for that because he can't afford it, *cough bullshit cough* but I guess I can. Which of course I will because it's my child who loses out if I don't.

I'm just so tired and over extended. I think that I'm going to have to let my single parent's group go for good. I just can't do it anymore, and it's too expensive to be running myself without any help. It's not really what I wanted it to be at this point anyway, and it's been going for almost 2 years now. I think I need to spring clean my life, not just my things.


eatmisery said...

You've GOT to tell me how you got Noah to give up his pacifier. I have TWO kids I need to do that with. And potty training? Yeah, that's funny. The boy will pee every time I remind him to go, but I have to remind him to go. The girl is strong-willed and says she's too busy to go. I need to get them into preschool before my twins are born and they're dragging their feet. Ugh.

Jennifer said...

I tried restricting it to just the bed and car, but that was hit or miss. Honestly, and this won't be much help, his dad doesn't let him use it at his house. So this time when he came back from not using it overnight, I hid them and when he asked for one, I told him they were all lost so no more. It's been a week and the first 2-3 days were so hard. So basically, cold turkey in the garbage is the way we did it. He was so stubborn and pathetic about it that I'd give in, so I tossed them for good. And boy were there moments I wish I hadn't!

Potty training is the same with Noah. I have to ASK him to pee, and bribe him with a 'trophy' and stickers, before he will go. He tells me he pooped after it's done. I make him take off and throw away the pee pee pull up, & put on new pull ups. I don't know what else to do but wait, but honestly I'm tired even though I hear undies and racing to bathrooms is worse at first.

Again, congrats on the twins!

dadshouse said...

I know the feeling - I need to spring clean my life, too!

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