Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter & Eggs off the Internet (pics)

Happy Easter!

This year I was doing my usual blog surfing and saw how fabulous Solo Mother's eggs came out! I wanted to try something new so I followed her link to Silk Dyed Eggs elsewhere. Easy peasy directions, I could totally do that!

I went to Goodwill, after a disastrous attempt at egg hunting, and found THREE silk ties and one silk belt. That's it. None of the people spoke English when I asked about silk scarves or more ties. Nothing. I figured four silk items were fine. Somehow Noah got a little kid's bike out of that deal for 3.99 as well! We finished our activities for the day, which also didn't go as expected, and I made it home in time to work until 8p. I knew I'd have to do this egg dying while Noah was in bed, but he was so hyped up with energy that he didn't finally go down until 10p!

When I did get to the eggs, I wanted to blow them to keep them for a while. Looked up those directions on the Internet, got the items I needed, and proceeded to crush one when making holes, explode another while blowing and got two to clean out nicely. Then I started to freak out about dying in my metal pots! So more Internet searching about metal and vinegar reactions! I finally decided not to go that route, and found my ONLY ceramic pot that held all of TWO eggs at a time! It was going to be a long night, and I was tired from a busy day.

I finally got around to ripping the seam out of the belt, which sucks w/o a seam ripper, pulled the seams from the ties, and cut the fabric needed. I was trying to be careful with the blown eggs, but I crushed one while tightening the fabric, and then the other one started to break so I just threw them in the vinegar water anyway to see how the silk bled onto the eggs. I've now invested 1.5+ hours into this 'craft off the internet'.

Cue 20 minutes later when I run them under cold water and unwrap the red one...NOTHING! F'ing NOTHING! Curse words ensue, and the 'pure silk' tag is checked again. Meanwhile, my friend Angela is cackling into the phone. The green tie one is fished out and untied to find some fabulousness has transferred, but the bottom of the egg is kind of crushed. I keep it anyway. I now have ONE of four eggs that have kind of worked correctly.

All future eggs are not blown out and have been tied but must go two at a time. The only other silk that works is the striped belt. The dark blue nor the red ties work. So two of the four silk items work and I have only three eggs at the finish. When I woke up, I tried again mixing and matching ties for pattern contrast.

These are my results from 10 eggs:


Angela said...

I think they turned out great! It sucks that you had so much trouble, but the final result is pretty cool.

Btw - we totally used a metal pot, and had no problems. Internet Shminternet.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! These are genius! I can't wait to try them out next year!

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