Saturday, May 9, 2009

Enter the 'B!g B()y' (pics)

My son's hair has been a lot of effort and caused many arguments w/the ex. Noah came out of the womb with tons of hair (Pic 1), and was the source of much commentary by others. At the store, people used to reach into the covered carseat to touch him! It took me over a year to cut it (Pic 2). I loved those curls. LOVED them! But it took us forever to leave the house after showering, and his hair needed more attention and product than mine! Then again, I have crazy straight hair so what do I know about caring for curls!

So the first haircut made it faster and easier to get out and go, which was wonderful. We could finally brush it out and go. I kept it manageable from 1.5 to 3 yrs old (Pics 3 & 4). But I have to take him to a shop to get it cut, and that gets expensive and not always easily scheduled. So it would get a little long. Then the back would get tangled and all rat's nesty even just rubbing against the carseat. (Pic 5) I even had a black grandmother in Borders mention that his hair 'was a little dry back there'. I know right, like I wasn't already embarrassed by it. LOL! I love grandmothers, they certainly don't hold back. So I've tried detangler, black hair care 'oils', etc, and nothing worked right and was too greasy or too dry. So I knew I had to get it cut asap and make sure I had more time before the next cut.

I had an idea of a look in my head, but was a little nervous. I've always kept the curls big and bouncy and everyone thinks they're "so adorable". So the curls have always been his thing, but it was time for a change. Then I entered the salon and another boy who had hair like my son had the same cut from in my head and it was cute! It was an easy answer when she asked what kind of cut.

Enter...the FADE! (pics 6 & 7) We put a little fauxhawk in there since he said YES! at the salon. It's a tad longer than I envisioned but I like it, and he loves it. He says, "I so han-some mommy! I like-ah my haircut.' LOL! I just hope it doesn't grow out all crazy! My baby really is a preschooler now. *sighs* Like he says, "I growing up. Growing bigger, and Bigger, and BIGGER!"

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eatmisery said...

OMG. I LOVE his haircut! That's a great choice!

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