Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday to my 'Baby'

It was a busy day that started with frosting the little cakelets that I made last night and then opening presents before I started work. I had gotten him skates, Melissa & Doug stuff, a Vtech Wall-E game, and Color Wonder coloring items. Last week I'd gotten him a Playdoh play area, and a small bike. I saved the Cooties game for my mom's house next weekend when the family will celebrate with us. Our friends came by earlier in the week with some other Color Wonder markers that were a hit, a DVD, & a puzzle we had fun with. Noah's going to his dad's house this weekend so no party here. I'm sure he'll come home with more stuff.

Pardon in advance as these are all pre-coffee pics. The house was a mess, there was cake for breakfast, and jammies falling off at will. The poor kid got a rash from a shirt the other day and was all itchy, I have no idea where those pants came from, & I'm not even sure if I'd changed his pullup yet in the pics. All the kid could say from the time he opened his eyes was, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Cake? Presents?" So we rolled like that in 3rd birthday style! LoL

The mommy/Noah celebration:

For anyone who's curious about his size, you'd never know he ever ate food, let alone a huge chunk of cake. He totally takes after his dad, & after seeing pics of me as a young kid, I was scrawny too! Seriously though, he's less than 5% for weight so I'm always shoving food at him. I joke that I'm carb-loading him before his 3 yr check up so we can hit 5%! lol I figure if the pedi isn't stressing, & he's hitting milestones, I'm ok for the most part.

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eatmisery said...

Happy Birthday, Noah!

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