Friday, July 24, 2009

Better Days

Noah went with his dad until Sunday night. I think it's actually vacation with grandma and other family members out of state. I know he's in good hands so I'm not worried. Ok, a little worried, but not any more than when he's here. I'm relieved to have the extra time apart after the week I've had and I'm sure he is too. I'm sure when he gets home it will have done us both good and we can start refreshed.

It's always strange not having him here and the quiet throws me off completely. I keep thinking I should go check on him because he must be sleeping in the bedroom, and then realize no I don't because it's just me. Then I realize I won't get woken up by a toy truck bashed into my face, like on Tuesday. I can work all day and not feel guilty, and I will probably make more money as I'll finish my incoming work more quickly. I can leave the cookies on the counter and not have Noah ask for one for breakfast & then meltdown when I say no! But I also won't get my hugs and kisses and my silly stories all day either.

I know he's having fun swimming, running, playing with his half-brother, and probably his cousins too. I want that for him as often as possible. I want to know he's enjoying his time away from me to the fullest. Granted, it causes some guilt that I can't cater to him all day every day too, but that's the life of a single, working parent. I get to enjoy him and his adorableness every single day, and I know my son better than anyone, and that really is a gift.

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