Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fighting Sleep

I don't think my child ever wants to sleep again. It's almost 1:00am and my son is awake. He's laying down but still awake. I can hear him. I know it's a developmental thing where he's fighting for control and autonomy. I know this because all he does is tell me NO all day, but then runs over for a hug as if I might not love him anymore. He says he needs "two kisses and two hugs, that's all." Cracks me up. So even though he manages not to wake up at ungodly hours before 8am, he still refuses to go to sleep by 8:30p. And I even consider that late for a 3 year old. But he will often nap for a good 2 hours in the afternoon. If he skips the 'quiet time/nap' in the afternoon, getting him to stay up until bedtime becomes a fight of epic proportions. Sometimes he's so wound up and overtired that I he can't sleep and ends up awake at like 10pm but crying and yelling at me for like breathing wrong. Then I'm the bad mom who has a kid up and playing at ridiculous hours of the night. I also become 'really irritated inside mommy' because my kid is bouncing off the walls and I need quiet after 9pm. I finally told him that the dark circles under his eyes don't go away until he sleeps & they will make his eyes fall out if he doesn't. It works 60% of the time.

The bedtime routine I was loving so much hasn't been working at all these past few weeks. The 'peaceful, peaceful song' from our yoga class isn't working either (actually it's Happy Thoughts on the Child's Play by Wah CD) and that was guaranteed to work. Now all it does is put me to sleep while I whisper sing the lyrics to him. He's usually yelling at me to "WAKE UP! Sing peaceful, peaceful mommy!" and I'm like, "OMG how are you still awake; please close your eyes and go to SLEEP!" Then I suggest the CD version and he says, "I don't LIKE that one! YOU sing it!" and I put it on anyway so he gets mad and has a tantrum. The upside is that he's finally deciding, on his own, that he's going to sleep in his big-boy bed by himself! Hooray!

Tomorrow is the other exciting topic of all mommy-bloggers, when we don't all talk about sleeping or not sleeping...POTTY TRAINING!!! Also known as, how to make yourself completely insane in just a few days, but still see it as a success.

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