Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More later

Because I couldn't have another quickie! Well, I could but it's just not satisfying. Thanks to everyone who left comments on my last post. I think I was melting down that day in a serious way.

The tantrums continue, and I know that they're usually worse after going to his dad's house overnight, but it sure doesn't prepare me for them. Today has been a bad day, yesterday was a good day. I knew 3 was going to be bad, but WOW!!!! Wow. You just can't prepare someone for this age and have them believe you.

Did I mention I decided to start potty training boot camp here? I'm a glutton for punishment people. No more pull ups unless sleeping or out in public! Undies all the time at home. I just cannot bear to have to buy ugly, expensive, yucky pull-ups every week. I have a small potty in my living room, which I hate but allows me to keep an eye on things and ask Noah 100 times if he needs to pee. I have a potty seat thing for the normal toilet in the bathroom too. We're at about 50 - 60% success right now. I officially need a washer/dryer in my apartment & my rug will need a good cleaning!

I'm working like crazy to make up for the financial aid fiasco that I caused for myself. I transfer in the new school in September anyway, so it's fine and we'll make it. I always manage to get through it.

I think my left foot is swollen a bit and my heels have been hurting. I keep telling myself it's just that I need to lose weight (like 80 lbs) and it'll all be fine. Eventually I'll get around to that physical I've been meaning to schedule.

There was a yucky yellow spider hanging off my mail as I walked back to my apartment. Very gross.

I have three posts in my head and have yet to write one down. I'm working on it!

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