Friday, July 17, 2009

Potty Training Success

If you're squeamish about body functions or aren't potty training your kid, or never ever potty trained a child, this will probably not be the post for you. Although I'm sure I'm jinxing it by writing this.

Over the weekend I decided I had had enough of buying pull ups. I was done with worrying if I had enough for a week or two, clipping coupons for them, and watching the sale papers for deals. He was going through pull ups faster than diapers and they sure don't give you very many in a package! So I dug out all the big boy undies I've had stashed away, cleaned up the little potty seat, and buckled down for a week of potty training boot camp! It helped that a fellow blogger is in the potty trenches as well, but with two kids, AND is approx 24 weeks pregnant with TWINS no less. I truly am impressed and in awe of her! It's nice to know someone else is doing it at the same time as you.

So I figured I'd have two weeks before Noah goes to his daddy's house again so we wouldn't be interrupted. By the time his dad gets him, it won't be a huge drama for the ex to keep up the pace and will only need the seat cover so Noah doesn't fall in. So far we're on track for that to happen and it's awesome. I wouldn't say we're on the way to wearing undies out in public, but maybe by the end of the month? He should be done in time for preschool...oh the possibilities.

The most telling reason I decided to try the hard core potty training this time was he started hiding away to poop. God, I almost did a happy dance the first time I realized he was doing that! I knew he was finally ready for real when I saw that. We've been doing this potty thing for a year, but until he knew he had to go and cared about it, he just wasn't going to pull his undies off to go. The first day I used candy bribes and constantly asked if he had to pee and offered a lot of juice boxes. He even pooped in the potty that day. That exceeded my expectations! I think that first day the wet undies and the treats made sure he really got it that his body was peeing. My carpet took a beating though. My sanity took a beating the first two days. Although, I thought Friday was Wednesday until I saw 'Follow Friday' on Twitter! So I may just have 'forgotten' how bad it was, but if you ask a friend of mine who was on the phone with me at one point, she may claim she heard hysteria creeping in.

The second day wasn't as successful, but not just in potty training. We had a really, really bad day in general. After that day he progressed nicely and bribes aren't even on his radar. He's in pull ups still but pulls them down now to go, which when he pooped it saved me from nasty underwear (gagging). Poop in potties makes me gag, but in diapers it's okay. So weird. Now sometimes he will stop what he's doing, even if it's exciting, to run to the potty. I'd say we're at 90%? Not ready to leave the house in underwear, but almost ready for undies all day at home. I want to transition him to the regular toilet w/potty cover first before we try that, & to get him ready for his dad's house next weekend. His dad is totally in charge of the standing up thing...later, much later.

I keep thinking about errands and hearing, "I have to pee!" while we're driving on a busy street or at a red light. Being tied to locations with bathrooms and knowing where they are at all times. Our favorite park doesn't have a bathroom anywhere near it, and I think if he whipped it out on a tree, the snooty ladies would chase us out of there like Frankenstein's monster. *sighs* Now I see why other moms told me potty training will make me crazy. I'm already overthinking it! The upside is that he can go to preschool! Wheeeee!

I guess it's true that you just have to wait until the child is ready. I really tried all different ways to potty train this past year. Sometimes he was all for it but quit, sometimes he just sat forever on the potty (making me insane), and mostly he just was not hearing it at all. Suddenly his body started letting him know he had to go, and his mental part wanted to be a big boy like his brother, and it all just clicked for him. This week has really just been more successful than I could have imagined. It's just all happening so quickly compared to our past failures and stress. You just can't force it until the planets align just right! Who knew? (Besides all those other moms who said so.)


Angela said...

I can guarantee that "tree-peeing" will definitely be in your future. And, he will LOVE it!

I remember someone telling me that she had to pull over on the highway, open the door to the van, and let her kid pee out the door. We do whatever we have to. ;)

eatmisery said...

We're having less accidents here and lots of successes. It's slow, but I knew that was going to happen when I took on the job of training two at once.

It helps to know you feel my pain.

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