Friday, July 10, 2009

A quickie

I got dropped from summer school completely without owing anything, and I hate the age of 3 already. We're only two months into it and I hate it.

I'm writing this while my temper-tantrum-having, smacking-me-in-the-face, naughty child is in time out wailing hysterically. I'm having a great f'ing day already.


Single Mom Seeking said...

First, thanks for leading me to your blog by leaving a comment on mine!

Second, this too shall pass. As yet, age three was by the most challenging (and I'm into age 9 now).

I was just telling a friend about this yesterday: the tantrums, head banging, crying... What saved me: going into the bathroom and calling a girlfriend. Hope this helps?

eatmisery said...

No one ever tells you that age three is MUCH, MUCH WORSE than age two. The so-called "terrible two's
aren't really terrible at all. And wait until he gets to gets even better. (Insert sarcasm here)

I figured I'd better warn you.

Hef said...


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