Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Safety Factor

In the previous post I mentioned the safety issue for wanting to move. Everything last night completely solidified that reason. It's like the psycho train stopped in my complex after I got home from going to the zoo with my mom! I honestly thought when I moved to this town that it was safe. I think every safe, quiet suburb has a spot where the crime rate just lives and breathes. I live in that spot in my burb.

Yesterday Noah and I hopped on the Metra train to meet up with my mom and we all drove on to the zoo. I kept thinking how much I enjoy just getting on the train to go somewhere and how I like that our line is convenient for my mom to pick us up. I don't even need to haul the car seat because she has one for just this kind of thing. Although, when the Metra leaves Chicago 10 minutes EARLY, and it only runs every 2 hours on Sunday, you'll be watching your train leave your station just as you're driving up to it! Thankfully my mom was able to drive us to the station by my house where I'd parked earlier. So I was telling my mom that instead of moving to my 'stalker city' that's on a less convenient Metra line, maybe I'd stay put if my heater got fixed or I could move into to the two bedroom downstairs. My mom gently reminded me that it's the safety issue that I always complain about, which really is the main reason I want to move. So I started considering other towns on the same Metra line that might work in addition to stalking my ideal suburb.

Then, just to prove that the safety issue is the most important reason to move from here, at around 5pm I hear screaming and all sorts of insanity outside my window in the parking lot. It's the 4th of July weekend so the fireworks and loud people were expected and annoying. I got over it. I usually just look out and make sure my car is okay and try to ignore it. This time it was so bad I called 911. They said they already had people who were on the line for that issue, but they never showed up here. Considering the police and/or firetrucks are in this complex every week, I was shocked. I guess because the people drove away, it wasn't necessary?

Fast forward to 9:30pm, people start shouting at each other across the parking lot to "Shut the fuck up" and other nasty things. I guess because screaming at other loud people helps the situation? Right. Then I noticed out my window some fireworks over the trees in the next town over and Noah and I stood at the window to watch. All the sudden it's not flashing fireworks, it's a flashing police cruiser RACING down our street! Then another, and then sirens from two MORE police cars rushing to my complex! WTF! All our cars were blocked in, not that I was leaving, but still it was insane. So now I look like the nosey neighbor who's trying to see the drama, but in reality I was trying to keep my kid's attention on the fireworks in the sky. I don't know why so many cops showed up or what the neighbors did to cause such insanity here, but I'm sure it was related to the 911 drama earlier. At least having the cops zoom up all fast made the stupid shouting people in the other buildings shut up! I bet they thought the cops were coming for their stupid assses.

So not only did my child NOT get to quietly enjoy the fireworks out the window, but he got to hear lots of swearing, flashing police lights, and his mom muttering to herself that we've got to move asap. I don't know what I was thinking about when I said maybe I'd like to stay here near the train station because we can walk to it! Aparently I needed this quick reminder that my neighborhood sucks and we need to move before something really bad happens. Seriously, I'm just waiting for the shooting to happen in the parking lot. I just hope we're not home to see or hear it.

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