Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Spiders are Coming!

So somehow over the weekend I ended up with a baby spider infestation. I hate spiders so much. In the winter I get the yucky yellow 'booger' spiders that freak me out, but they vanish in the spring and I'm free for a while. So this sucked more than usual because it was so hot and all the windows were closed! I couldn't spray them with bug spray, and they couldn't escape outside.

On Saturday, I kept feeling something tickling my arms while I was working and I killed something I didn't see first. The ex sat on the couch and got bitten up apparently. Heh. So finally I saw a few little spiders on the wall and tried to kill them with bug spray. All that did was make my house smell like poison, make us cough, and I had to open the windows on a 90+ degree, super humid day to air it out.

Come Sunday I woke up to the infestation!!! There were a TON of teeny specks all moving around the corners of my ceiling. I have a vaulted ceiling so this seriously sucked to kill them. There was a broom, a folding chair, and yelling for Noah to stop shaking the chair while I stood on it. My neighbors may have seen me through the window, standing on the couch, trying to smash multiple spider specks throughout the day.

What I figured out later was that I had brought out a comforter from my closet, and even though I shook it out I bet the spider babies were waiting to hatch. When I put it over the couch (long story), they must've escaped en mass. Just now, writing this, I killed another six near the lamplight. Ick. Just ick. If you breathe on them, they blow away!

At least I can open the windows tomorrow and spray the place down with actual spider spray! They will die. I will not have them grow up to be big, scary, horrible, living in my corners, crawling on my computer while I work SPIDERS!!!

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