Friday, August 14, 2009


I have like 5 unfinished posts in my head. I will probably never get around to posting any of them. I have a super busy, long day working today. Noah was away all week so today will be difficult at best as his older, half-brother leaves for AZ today in time for school. It's hard to explain to a 3 yo how that works. Then I think about AZ and I miss it, especially when it's 80% humidity here! Plus I've got him in underwear all day w/Pullups at night only. I've got a roll of quarters for the laundry waiting to go!

We're closing out the pool season this weekend, and hopefully next weekend if the sun cooperates next weekend too. I want to stop at the farmer's market tomorrow as well, if we get up that early. Although I just saw 88 for the temps tomorrow so it might be an early farmers market, the pool when it opens, and home to lounge in the AC when it's really hot! My AC doesn't seem to be cooling my house as well as I'd like right now either. Third floor is really sucky in summer, but great in winter. LOL

I feel wilty right now. *sighs*

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