Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheating and Hunting

I completely threw the weight loss guidelines I had set up right out the window. A few good things happened and there was celebrating going on and end-of-summer BBQ's to attend. I'm back on track this week. Although, I'm pretty sure the cheesy nachos I just made don't count. Sshhh! I did gain back 2 pounds from the 5 I was down, but all the snacks have gone missing from my house again so I'm good.

I've finally narrowed my apartment hunt to two suburbs that are central to anywhere I may ever need to drive. Closer to some friends and a little further to others, but with major interstates to cut down on travel time. Or not, depending on construction. I may have to stay in a 1-bedroom until he starts school and I finish school, and that's just another two years. Then I can upgrade to a bigger place in the same town. The schools are excellent in both 'burbs, the rents reflect that, but it's better than paying for a crappy school district and gunshots at night. Still close to the Metra trains, hospitals, and parks as well. This time, no third floor walk ups!!! Although, if I was in the first floor apartment in my current building I'd be a wreck. So this time I need to put more thought into it. or at least have an elevator and a safer 'hood.

Otherwise, I'm gearing up for my mom's Pacreatic Cancer Walk benefit this weekend. I have a birthday in a few weeks in which I'm almost considered late 30's, rather than mid-30's. Plus school and work. The apartment hunting is the best part of all of this. I also realized that I somehow chose classes that don't require any exams at the actual school and very little paper writing. Finally, I may actually have an easy semester. Week 2 and I haven't fallen behind. :-D

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