Monday, September 14, 2009

Fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer - Saving my Mom

Today's news of the passing of Patrick Swayze from pancreatic cancer really hit home because my mom has pancreatic cancer, albeit the rare type called "Neuroendocrine" or "Islet Cell" which only affects 1.3% of those diagnosed.

The 'good' news is this type, unlike the majority of pancreatic cancers, is it generally progresses slowly. The bad news is that, like most, the cancer was found too late to cure and had already spread to her liver and lung, making it Stage IV. It is incurable and only a special chemotherapy at this point can keep the symptoms under control. The other good news: Her current chemo does not cause debilitating side effects. Which isn't to say there aren't side effects, as a huge chunk of her pancreas is gone from a necessary surgery to try to do damage control. In turn, this causes a diabetic reaction to occur and brings on a whole new set of concerns.

So today's news was like finding out about my mom all over again. Patrick Swayze was on the news with his diagnosis almost at the same time as my mom was diagnosed. Now he's dead. He had a lot of money to keep it at bay, but his was the more common type that's really aggressive. Honestly I try not to let that train of thought continue. It not knowing what's going to happen in the future that stresses me out.

So my request you, my small group of readers
, please sponsor me if you can in the Chicago Lustgarten Pancreatic Cancer walk in October.

Please pass this link on to anyone you know that would help by contributing to the research and cure of this cancer.

100% of every dollar donated to the Foundation goes directly to critically needed pancreatic cancer research. Please support me in the Walk, and help ensure that pancreatic cancer patients like my mom have a fighting chance.

Thank you!

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