Thursday, January 28, 2010

Solidarity in Blue Eyeshadow & Crazy Hair

I couldn't let the fabulous Sassafrass aka Jessica "dangle out here alone online with the people who publish photos of their stretchmarks and bunions..." as she so eloquently put it.  So I'm sharing some mortifying pictures of my childhood in the 80's.

This is the only copy of these pictures from a photo album that got lost when I moved to AZ, or in my sister's basement flood, not sure which.

Also, like Jess, I have moved the bright colors from my eyelids to my nails.  Yes, that's light blue shadow & liner in the big blond hair picture.  And if I could tell my 8th grade self anything, it would be to look in a mirror after gym before going to get pictures taken! Good lord girl...find a COMB! (and don't kiss that Chris boy either)

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