Wednesday, January 13, 2010

State Gov't vs. Federal Gov't


Let the battle begin!  My state government is taking the federal government on in a battle to the death to get my child support paid.  We'll see whose excuses win the battle in court, but my child and I are still the losers while my money is being held hostage.  I did all the footwork for them, and they still can't solve it without court.  Meaning, who knows how long it's going to take now.  I get to wait for the State's Attorney to contact me. Seriously, I wish I could sue them both for being completely incompetent.

A perfect example of the ineptitude of the child support system:
  • State office finally calls federal office on Wednesday, Dec. 23 after the two orders were sent & ignored.
  • Federal has recording of hours they're in office: M, Ts, Th, F from 9a-12 & 1-3p. NOT Wednesdays!
  • State leaves message thinking they'll get a call back.
  • State doesn't call again until Wednesday, Jan 6 - two weeks later and on WEDNESDAY!
  • State tells me today they can't reach anyone in federal's office.  Seriously.
So not only did they not try during the hours indicated on the federal office recording, they waited two weeks for someone to call them back.  Not calling back themselves the next Monday after Christmas, or even a Monday after New Years, but on Wednesdays, when it says clearly that no one is there!

Today the ex and I decided to work it out on our own while they delay paying me even longer.  It's obvious it's going to be a very long while until I see any money.  In all of this, I'm thankful my ex and I are pleasant to each other and can work this out while the government offices waste our time.  I can't imagine having to deal with the courts alone to handle this!  I really feel for the parents who are out there chasing an ex and dealing w/the courts to get their money, if they ever get it at all.


Jessica Ashley/Sassafrass said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and remembering what my brother constantly reminded me during my own tough times: In the end, it will all be ok. If it's not ok, it's not the end.

eatmisery said...

My question is...if your ex knew the money wasn't being taken out, why didn't he just cut you a check right away?

Is the money being taken out of his check and just not making it to you because the govt. screwed up?

It's great that you guys are on good terms with each other, but why can't he just write you a check each month instead of relying on the govt?

Jennifer said...

Thanks Jessica. I know this is just one of those things that will pass & just getting there is the hard part.

Amy, everyone asks that & it's really confusing to explain accurately. First, we've been under the impression it was going to come out every payday & it then it just wouldn't. Second, any money he wants to give me has to be sent to a separate disbursement office & posted to my child support account before it's deposited to me or else it's not recorded as paid. I could send it to them if he hands it to me, but as incompetent ask they've shown their offices are, I'm not giving them anything! Also, I was told that until they'd actually put my case in their system, they would've returned it to him or posted it to his ex's case. That wasn't even done until November!

We have decided to try having him give it to me and pray they don't screw it up even more. I'm just really nervous that something else is going to go completely wrong by him paying me directly & it'll make everything even more complicated than it is now.

Jennifer said...

Basically, the order to withhold child support from the divorce is sent to the employer and they send the money stated to a disbursement office who deposits it to me. It protects us both by showing payments are made and received in case there's some kind of dispute.

So basically I have to rely on the government to ensure that if he gets upset or doesn't feel like paying me, that I get paid right from his check. I don't know if that clears it up at all. lol

More reasons divorce sucks.

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