Friday, February 5, 2010


*brushing away cobwebs*  Helllloooooooo????  Anyone still here???

School started and I'm working a WAH, customer service temp job at night, on top of my full time school & work and my child.  Next week I'll be napping where I can, when I can in spurts.  We're getting ready to move and I really need to be financially ready for this.  I live in a third floor walk-up and my family isn't exactly able to move large items.  So the cost of movers is being factored into this move.  Fun times here!  So I'm lurking in the background trying to keep caught up on reading blogs even if I don't write in my own.


mountainmomma18 said...

Good luck with that. We moved right before and after a vacation and the end of the semester because we are crazy people! But I made my husband do it, movers are the better call!

MindyMom said...

Hang in there! Hope the move goes/went well.

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