Thursday, February 18, 2010

Waiting for Morning

Tomorrow I find out about an apartment that we could move into at the end of March.  It's my old neighborhood.  My old apartment actually.  Not what I was anticipating, and surely not perfect, but for two bedrooms in my measly price range I'll take it!  I know what I'm getting into at least.  I know what sucks about the place, and I know what I loved about it.  Considering my budget was only going to get us into a one bedroom, like we're in now, its awesome the price was cut on this unit just as I'm looking to move.

I just really need a bigger place with a room for each of us.  My kid needs room to run around without me freaking out that he's disturbing the floor below us.  He also needs room for his toys to be scattered in his own room so my house isn't as cluttered.  It does not have things I thought I really wanted, such as central air, a patio to go right outside & play, or a gas stove.  In fact, I may have to get my own window unit AC to have my uncle install...again!  Thank God for family in the service industries.  I know that the soundproofing SUCKS in this building.  I know I will hear my neighbors upstairs doing EVERYTHING *ahem* and everyone walking into the building.  What I care about is that the school district is good, and I can walk to two parks, the library, the school, stores, the train, and it's a quiet residential area.  Plus, I know it was bug free when I was living there, let's hope that's still true!

Unfortunately, it's not as convenient for his dad to get there, but I need to do what works for us at this point.  That may mean he cuts his visitation down from two days a month to nothing or random visits, but that's his choice and his loss.  I'll do what I can to facilitate the visitation, but it's his choice to see him or not, regardless of the hurdles he may encounter.  I tried to find a place that was convenient to us both, but I couldn't find anything I could afford.  I know it's important for our child to see his dad and he loves his dad a ton.  I just can't feel guilty for his dad not going out of his way to see him.  I'm not moving out of state.  It's 15 extra minutes, maybe.

Besides, I really want to stay put for a while.  Two years is about my average, and I'd like to see how this goes long term if it works out well.  I want to settle in, put up pictures, make a stable home for my child.  If I hate it, if it sucks so bad I can't stand it, I can always move.  Not like I'm buying the place.   Maybe by then my budget will have increased to where we can afford something more luxurious.  Something with a yard.  For now, I just want a place where people aren't having sex in the laundry room leaving the condom behind, shooting up the neighborhood, breaking into cars, or whatever else I've vented here about this area.

I just hope they call me with good news.  Financially it would be an easy move leaving me with extra money for the AC, movers, and whatever else I need to get to settle in.  Also, it's the same property management company as here (sucks but oh well) so when I called they saw I was on an expired month to month lease.  I'm not sure how that's going to play out as far as transferring properties.  I'm not signing a new lease for this apartment, period.  I will pay for March here, as I expected to do, and then we'll be out.  Wherever that may be.


eatmisery said...

So.......did you get the apartment?!

Jennifer said...

I don't KNOW!!! The lady didn't call me and was out of the office on Friday. I'm calling on Monday to see if she's in bc I left her a msg on voice mail. My other good news made the waiting bearable. LOL

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