Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moving Day Sunday

I've made more phone calls in one week than I have in 2 years, seriously.  I have a project chart for the next 4 days to keep me on track.  The ex pitched in and took the kid so I can motivate and power through everything before Sunday.  I won't have phone, internet, or cable until Tuesday after we get there.  It might be nice to be unplugged for a change!  I'll definitely get everything unpacked in that time without any distractions, other than my child to focus on, and I LOVE that idea! 

We won't have a couch for a little bit because this one I have is going to Salvation Army, along with quite a few other household items.  I'm excited to shop for our new apartment!  I've been waiting so long to finally settle in somewhere and stop thinking of it as temporary.  I can hang pictures and decorate and bargain shop.  My favorite things ever.  Estate sales, craigslist, freecycle, and internet bargain shopping here I come! 

I just have so much to do and the movers come Sunday!  I'll have to finish the cleaning of this apartment on Saturday and I'm taking pictures before we leave.  I do NOT trust them to do the walk-through accurately and have a copy of my move-in checklist with ALL previous problems listed exactly.  I expect most of my deposit back. 

Between the slew of spiders lately and the neighbor below me, I'm antsy to get out now!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nine Days of Drama

Thank GOD it's only 9 more days until I move!! 

The 'nosy neighbor' is at it again with trying to make me go all postal.  I see why my next door neighbor punched him in the head recently.  Seriously. 

I'm so glad I have less than two weeks left in my current apartment.  That man is the most horrible neighbor and has caused trouble with every single person in this building, but not enough trouble to get tossed out. 

Yesterday I turned into one of the same people I'm trying to get away from!  I was the one that was all ghetto/white trash and yelling at the nosy neighbor outside in the parking lot in front of all the buildings.  That's how mad I was!  This ignorant asshole had the nerve to comment again, to his buddy but so I could hear, on how I'm finally taking my son out of the house; how I keep him locked up in the house all day and he needs to get out and play.  WTF?  Did he not notice that winter just ended recently?  That man doesn't know me or what I need to do to keep a roof over our head.  But he sure made me snap by saying all that to his buddy.  I know that's what set me off that he didn't say it to my face and he was all passive aggressive about it.  He sure got an earful though, which was probably his goal anyway.  I think he gets a kick out of pissing everyone off.  I try not to react to stuff like that but that man rubs me the WRONG way!  Everything about him grates on me. 

Nine more am I going to make it that long?  Also, my son is allowed to officially jump and run as much as he wants all over our apartment, since you know, I keep him locked up like a prisoner all day.  I hope it sounds like the ceiling is going to crash in on the nosy neighbor.  I hope whomever moves into this apartment gives back the drama ten fold.  Karma is a bitch.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I got it! Woo hoo!

I'm about to become a cheese head!

I got the apartment I wrote about below.  There were some questions I had to answer about my past credit but it's all good and I'm moving on May 1.  Hooray!

My dad is SUPER excited that we'll be there, and I'm super excited that our quality of living is about to improve 100%. 

Ok, I'm off to make my lists and start packing more stuff.  Hooray!

The WI Apartment Hunt

I was commanded to update by Amy, and if she can update everyday with a set of little baby twins and two preschoolers, you'd think I could with just one kid here!  So here goes....

I went to WI this past weekend to apartment hunt.  I had a general plan.  I made phone calls, appointments, and was going to check out the various sides of town.  It's not that big really.  I was informed by my dad that downtown and just west of downtown were not so good.  That ruled out the houses and duplexes I found.  Plus, I wasn't sure if I could handle all the utilities AND yard work (snow/grass) AND it being little bit pricier than the apartments out there.  The point of moving there was to have more room but also to have more time for my son.  I want time to get out and play or just be together and have fun.  If I had higher expenses, or yard maintenance, then I'd be missing the point of moving to that area.  So I nixed the home/duplex idea and put 'lower level' as my first requirement, with needing a grassy area or park nearby as second.  Washer/dryer being at least on the same floor if not IN the apartment as a runner up.  My thought was that if I'm still paying less than I do in my current location then I'm getting the maximum benefit for my money!  I had to make a quick stop at the college before leaving and then off to WI we were headed early Friday morning.  You know I was excited because I was on the road by 9:00a and normally we are barely awake at 8:30 here.

My dad called me even before I left the college (still in IL) to tell me about apartments he called for information. Heehee!  I totally knew he would!  I just let him know when we'd be there and to be ready so he could come with us to look around and rule places out.  It's so funny to me to see how parents can have a totally different idea of who you are based on what they pick out for you or worries they have.  My dad picked a lot of places that were upper level and not quite as nice as I am able to afford up there, but it was sweet because I knew he was trying to help and being financially cautious for me.  And yes, I was being REALLY picky and wanted the place that met all my listed wants that I couldn't afford in IL.  My want list has a hierarchy though.  Gas stove is a low-level want and can be modified, but laundry location & lower level are non-negotiables.

We had a nice time driving around on Friday looking at places from the outside and seeing how far they were from my ideal location.  I really narrowed my list down that way.  Some were really, really far out when on the map they didn't look so far away, and others were not as nice as the pictures on the internet.  I did go back and tour one on Saturday that was promising but they didn't have anything lower level, and I found out the laundry was in the basement which ruled it out completely.  That's almost as bad as what I have here!  There weren't many lower levels open by May 1, which I hadn't anticipated.  So I made a bunch more calls in the parking lot after the tour to set up last minute appointments at the 'maybes' to compare.  There was another place that looked promising, but it wouldn't be available until the end of May so I put it off for now. Then I realized I had overlooked one spot on my 'go see' list!  Woohoo!  I got lucky that they had someone on location showing it to other people that day and so we stopped for food and then went to go look. 

I really, really liked this place that I saw!  It had everything on my want list, except a gas stove, which is so minor it almost doesn't count. It has a garage, eat-in kitchen with full-sized laundry, tons of storage, 2 bed/2bath, and it was in a residential area with a nice little grassy area to play.  Walking distance to my college, stores, and on the bus line if my car craps out!  Seriously, I rushed back to do the application for it right then, but had to wait for Monday morning to turn it in with my financial documents.  I even wrote a check to put a deposit on it to hold it.  I was told 48 hours for an answer.... 

But we all know I'm jinxed when it comes to paperwork and efficiency when it's really important, right?  I was supposed to hear back by Wednesday morning at the latest.  It's Thursday.  I called, of course, and the lady said she didn't see my application but she remembered looking at it!!!  I was told they'd call me back in the afternoon when the other employee came in who should know where it was located.  I called back at 3:45p and got the machine.  I called back at 4:20p and got the machine and left a message.  I'll be calling again at 11:00a when I get a break from work and to give them time to call.  I'm not happy, as you can imagine, but there's nothing I can do.

Then my dad is calling me today to see what they said, everyone is waiting to hear something, my facebook status messages are increasingly frustrated updates, and still nothing.  I really need to know something either way.  I need to know if I need to make another trip up there this weekend/Monday to apply at the standby locations.  Then my mom says, "I hope they didn't lose it and give the apartment to someone else!" O M G are you SERIOUS?!  I about hyperventilated right then.  I hadn't even though of that possibility.  I was just thinking they put it somewhere and they of course stopped showing it when I put my check in their hands.  Now my brain is going a million miles a minute trying to think of WHY they haven't called, and what could be wrong that they haven't called.  Is there something on my credit from my past because it's not perfect; something my previous rental referrals said even though I am never late; is it something with my income sources; or is it just put in a desk somewhere forgotten or waiting for information?  When I'm being positive & ridiculous, I think maybe they filed it as approved and didn't get back to me because my deposit is holding it. Hahahahahaha!  I can hope right?   I am feeling negative and discouraged about this because if it was really approved I feel like they would have called right away.  I mean if it's not, they have to contact me to give me the check back but it's not urgent anymore.  It doesn't bode well if this is what they do when there's an issue either, but I got my hopes up on this place.  Now all I can do is stress out and I can't sleep at all worrying about this.  I'm running out of time in this apartment and I don't have a new address yet. 

Oh good god, I have 2 weeks left and I do NOT have a place to move.  I just looked at the calendar to see how long, and I am freaking OUT!!!  I need to go lay down before my brain explodes.  Please let these people give me good news tomorrow because I can't handle trying to find another place in less than 2 weeks & waiting for the application process.  I did that with this place and look what I got.  I'll have to take time off work and go up there until I find something, when what I really need is to be packing everything.  *sighs*  I need some good vibes people.  I'm seriously freaking out now as to how I'm going to do this all in time.  I'm never getting to sleep now.

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