Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moving Day Sunday

I've made more phone calls in one week than I have in 2 years, seriously.  I have a project chart for the next 4 days to keep me on track.  The ex pitched in and took the kid so I can motivate and power through everything before Sunday.  I won't have phone, internet, or cable until Tuesday after we get there.  It might be nice to be unplugged for a change!  I'll definitely get everything unpacked in that time without any distractions, other than my child to focus on, and I LOVE that idea! 

We won't have a couch for a little bit because this one I have is going to Salvation Army, along with quite a few other household items.  I'm excited to shop for our new apartment!  I've been waiting so long to finally settle in somewhere and stop thinking of it as temporary.  I can hang pictures and decorate and bargain shop.  My favorite things ever.  Estate sales, craigslist, freecycle, and internet bargain shopping here I come! 

I just have so much to do and the movers come Sunday!  I'll have to finish the cleaning of this apartment on Saturday and I'm taking pictures before we leave.  I do NOT trust them to do the walk-through accurately and have a copy of my move-in checklist with ALL previous problems listed exactly.  I expect most of my deposit back. 

Between the slew of spiders lately and the neighbor below me, I'm antsy to get out now!

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Singlemommyhood said...

This move is VERY exciting. We wish you well. Love the idea of a project chart ...(BIG HUG)

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