Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nine Days of Drama

Thank GOD it's only 9 more days until I move!! 

The 'nosy neighbor' is at it again with trying to make me go all postal.  I see why my next door neighbor punched him in the head recently.  Seriously. 

I'm so glad I have less than two weeks left in my current apartment.  That man is the most horrible neighbor and has caused trouble with every single person in this building, but not enough trouble to get tossed out. 

Yesterday I turned into one of the same people I'm trying to get away from!  I was the one that was all ghetto/white trash and yelling at the nosy neighbor outside in the parking lot in front of all the buildings.  That's how mad I was!  This ignorant asshole had the nerve to comment again, to his buddy but so I could hear, on how I'm finally taking my son out of the house; how I keep him locked up in the house all day and he needs to get out and play.  WTF?  Did he not notice that winter just ended recently?  That man doesn't know me or what I need to do to keep a roof over our head.  But he sure made me snap by saying all that to his buddy.  I know that's what set me off that he didn't say it to my face and he was all passive aggressive about it.  He sure got an earful though, which was probably his goal anyway.  I think he gets a kick out of pissing everyone off.  I try not to react to stuff like that but that man rubs me the WRONG way!  Everything about him grates on me. 

Nine more am I going to make it that long?  Also, my son is allowed to officially jump and run as much as he wants all over our apartment, since you know, I keep him locked up like a prisoner all day.  I hope it sounds like the ceiling is going to crash in on the nosy neighbor.  I hope whomever moves into this apartment gives back the drama ten fold.  Karma is a bitch.

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