Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Crappy Day in the Life of this Single Mom

Today was a messed up day.  Like a perfect storm of crap.  My kid did everything possible to push my buttons.  He saw the corner quite a bit today too.  He also threw some whopper tantrums.  I bet my upstairs neighbors are thinking about a house with no neighbors.

I seriously considered throwing out our television sets, as that was the basis of the tantrums.  Then, since he was complaining about not rewinding of his cartoons while in the corner, I again considered turning the DVR in to the cable company.  Somehow my kid thinks while he's being punished, the TV should be paused so he doesn't miss his show!  I'd laugh at this, but pausing and rewinding his 'shows' is a HUGE problem with him.  It causes quite a few of his tantrums.  I see less TV in our future.  If I ever needed more reason to cut off the cable, this drama is a big one. 

It did not help that I was working and trying to get a job done in time to earn some bonus cash, or that it was already looking like it might be late getting turned in.  The boy was on a tantrum roll, screaming right next to me and pausing only to stop when he found something interesting to explore, then coming back full force crying later.  Yes, I missed the bonus by less than five minutes, and then the job was late getting back.  My head exploded at that point and I just put my neck stump down on my desk.  Prayer comes in handy at that point.

He was really pissed about my not giving in to him, and I'm sure we'll repeat this lesson again and again and again, but that's parenting I guess.  I did notice he used some self control during his tantrum, which is an improvement from previous blowups.  I must be doing something sort of right, but boy did I want to give in just to make him hush up.  At least my brain and body didn't give up today even though my mouth said I wanted to. What a day.

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She'sWrite said...

I hear you on the tantrums about pausing or rewinding a show. It's soooo maddening! At least they can say "again!" when it's over and we can do that. When we were kids, we didn't have... Oh I'm gonna stop myself there. I'm beginning to sound like my parents.

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