Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family on the 4th - Photos

This was the best 4th of July weekend I've had in a really long time!  We drove up north to the larger town to go see the fireworks with my two younger stepbrothers and their kids and one's girlfriend.  I got some interesting pictures and it was really loud where we sat. The 'best' picture I can't share is where the carnival ride operator is smoking while the kids are riding the rides.  We skipped the bounce house since the guy had a lit cigarette in his mouth while he picked little kids up to put them in the bouncy.  I think I was the only parent staring with my mouth open in shock.  It's just a little different up here in WI.

The 4th was just laid back and family oriented with BBQ, simple fireworks which made the kids clap, and relaxing from the previous late night.  I think the kids had the most fun and that's what made me happy. 

Today I'm trying to recuperate and gear up for work later.  I want to tie up some loose ends before I get busy this week.  We're relaxing at home and staying in our jammies all day.  Enjoy the photos.

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