Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bedtime Showdown

I'm done with nice at bedtime.  I've gotten tired of the arguing, the cajoling, the pleading, and the yelling.  Now I'm just taking things away.  I'm done fooling around and now I'm just going to be 'mean' and he's not going to like it.  And I really don't care.  Just letting him know before he laid down what the punishment was if he DID get up was enough for the past two days to keep him in bed.  Today, not so much.  Today is the day of testing.  He's so far gotten his before-school morning shows taken away for the next two days, and any game oriented screen time for the rest of the week.  He's heading into the weekend.

It's not the taking away of the fun stuff that is hard.  It's going to be the days where I have to enforce it.  The whining and the crying and the angry boy attitude that I hate so much is the hard part of the equation.  It's easy to say, "Ok, no more (whatever) show before school."  But when he wants to watch his show, per our normal routine, and I say, "No, you didn't go to bed and stay there like you were told last night.  Go get a book or color."  That's going to be when the parenting skills come out and I have to deal with ignore the reaction to his consequences.  The reason I chose those things is because those are the things that motivate him and it's the reason he wants to stay up.

He can earn days back if he goes to bed without fussing and causing problems...

...and we just added Saturday to the days without screen time.  It's likely going to be a loooong weekend at this rate...

As I was saying, he can earn a day back for a day he goes to bed and doesn't get up or fights going to bed.  Depending on how he behaves during the day and if he has good behaviors during the day, I may let him earn things like his DS back.  I do want to reward his good behaviors.  And if something things I'm a crappy parent for letting my kid even play video games or watch TV at 4 years old, well suck it.  My son will the the one teaching yours how to use current technology.

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