Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Really Need a Husband... give me a break when my son will just not wind down and go to bed.  Seriously.  It's been 2. 5 hours and I've taken away everything that can be taken away.  He's going to come home from school tomorrow with all his toys in my closet and nothing to do but read books.  I'm at my wits end now and no amount of routine is getting this kid to sleep.  You would think I gave him a shot of caffeine right before bed.  I'm seriously not kidding.  I would cry but that isn't going to get him to sleep either!

Here's where the need for a husband comes in.  I could walk away from this situation and take a mommy mental health moment.  Those parenting articles about how when you feel too angry to be pleasant with your child...they don't come from a single parent.  I've locked myself in my bathroom when he acts like this and he bangs on the door until I come out.  It is NOT calming to have your child yelling and banging on a bathroom door while you try to get your head back on straight.

Ignore it... ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!  Phew that was really hilarious right there.  Ignore that he's not in bed and is now back in the living room trying to watch TV?  Ignore that he's still awake at 11:00 at night and I'm getting zero work done and will be up all night trying to finish it when it's finally quiet?  Or that he's yelling from his room for me because he's SO thirsty or SO bored or SO hungry and I should ignore that?  Obviously more advice from people who don't live in a multi-unit dwelling with rules that request reasonable quiet after 9:00 pm.

Again, this where the husband could be getting up (even if I had to nag at nudge him) to deal with this nonsense.  I could be happily working in another room in peace.  With a door shut.  No interruptions.  Quietly.  Alone.

It's just the constant almost every single day of battling this small being to go to sleep already.  I need a freakin' break from it sometimes.  This is either why god made kids cute or He let someone discover the creation of Xanax.  I'm exhausted and it's just never ending.  The only mental break I'm getting is when he's in school and I don't get work done like I planned.  I sit and veg out so I can recharge in anticipation for bedtime.  I'm serious.  Dead serious.  I dread it.  I know that after dinner begins the battle to bed.  Every step is an argument.  I just would like a break from the bedtime battle for a little while.  Then the husband can go away again before they get sick and I have to take care of them too!


Michael G. said...

It takes me ages to get my daughter to sleep at night as well. I wouldn't say I need a husband though ...

Jennifer said...

LOL! Ok, maybe not a husband for you but extra hands never hurt in the frustrating bedtime process. You'd think I was out here eating cookies without him...oh wait, I WAS doing that tonight! Seriously, I know I'm not the only one struggling with this, but man there are some days I'm less equipped for the constant barrage of stalling and delay tactics than others. Today was one of those days. There has to be a better way.

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