Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Not About Sleep

This is going to be positive and full of light.  Ok, maybe not the whole thing because that would be annoying.

I rescinded all punishments and we're going to try something else.  Mostly because I am sick and if I have to entertain my son all weekend without any screen time breaks I might die.  See, so much for positive and happiness already.  Anyway, I think not having a small child on lockdown for not going to bed might have been a tad extreme.  As a woman, I'm blaming the age-old PMS and also the cold that about tried to kill me this morning when I tried to wake up.  It tried to pull me back into bed while I got my son ready for school.  Thank God for school today.  I seriously needed 2.5 hours to myself to rest!

I also tried a neti pot for the first time today ever.  I also tried using a spoonful of honey (shut up!) and it really did help with the congestion.  The neti pot was disgusting and horrible.  NOW I know why my son throws up whenever I use the saline spray on him when he's snotty.  But it worked for a while and I did feel kind of good while I ran errands.  But still disgusting as all get out.

I have so much work this weekend that I feel blessed it's available but man do I feel like laying in bed all weekend.  But the holidays are coming and I'm already going to miss out on my Black Friday shopping.  I'm SO upset about this!!!!  I'm a little worried work will slow down during the holidays and I'm going to be struggling until January.  I could really pass on that too.  I think as a freelancer it's normal to worry about work slow down, and I had to chase down my first client for a payment.  That was not fun.

I miss going to school.  I'm really ready to go back after the past 6 months off.  I can't believe it's been 6 months already!  I'm ready to fill out my FAFSA and all that fun stuff.  The taxes...well, we'll see how I feel about that in January too.  I made some changes in my freelance clients and I'm hoping to see an increase rather than a decrease, but I think the change caused a dip in my income for a while while it all sorted out.

Lastly, in my random babble for the evening, I'm shocked that it's almost Thanksgiving!  I'm excited and I can't wait to try some new desserts, but holy cow seriously???!!!  That means Christmas and snow is right around the corner.  Totally freaking out about snow.  Seriously.  I hate snow.  And I moved up North rather than back down South.  I'm insane obviously.  I'm praying the snowflakes I see in the forecast disappear to just rain. Yuck.

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