Monday, November 1, 2010

NaBloPoMo and More

So I've been blogging elsewhere and I realized I have a space here I can be more free and open with my opinions.  Funny how that works.  So I'm going to do NaBloPoMo this month to get things going.

If you really, really want to catch up where the previous post ends, you can go to A Beautiful Baby and get the most recent updates.

I've already written down ideas for the next few posts so hopefully I can stay on top of this all month.  I really just struggle sometimes to find the time to actually just write it all out.  I feel so rushed and like I should be doing something else more productive than 'just blogging'.  But then I wonder why my brain is on high-speed and when I blogged all my thoughts and ideas it wasn't so jumbled up in there.  It's not like I'm in school this year.  I'm working a lot to make up for the financial aspects of that choice, but I have time.  What I need to do is delete blogs from my RSS feed so I can get stuff done.  Honestly, that's my time suck and the ironic part is I can still read those and waste time even when my Internet lock add-on has me blocked from everything else.  Well, so much for that!

So tomorrow begins my single mom posts of substance and today is my, "Hi, I'm here and participating" post.  I really hope to get back into the groove of blogging regularly by doing this.  I sure do miss it.

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