Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Ruin a Kids' Recital & Lose Customers

Some places of business really need to think about the image their employees convey to the public. My 4.5 yo son had his first holiday school recital today at a local bank. I was so ridiculously excited, and I filmed and took pictures like 'that' parent. I think his whole class and all the parents were excited to see their kids perform, and the kids were just excited to go on a bus to this event. Then trouble struck before the concert even started.

First, let me say that I understand having about 15 four year olds & 15 third grade 'buddies' makes for a large group of kids in a place of business. Add about 20-25 parents to that mix and it's a lot of people standing around in a bank lobby. The question is: if there was a morning group that came, and it's not the first year they've hosted this, why was it a problem for the parents trying to capture the moment to stand in front of, I'm assuming, the loan officers' desks? And why were the employees whose desks they were so rude about it? Now, I stood between two desks, out of the way, and I was still told to a spot in front of a desk! There were no customers banging down the door to get a loan there. In this economy, they'd probably get denied anyway. So why were the employees so rude to the parents?

Because of this incident, I would never bank at this institution and if my parents, who live in town, banked here I would ask them to change banks. More than one parent voiced this as well. So if it is a problem to host cute children singing at your place of business because you don't want their parents there, don't host anymore. It almost ruined the experience for quite a few of us parents.

And yes, I am emailing the bank manager, the principal, and my son's teacher about hosting it elsewhere next year to a place that appreciates it. A place that has more holiday cheer, and doesn't have grinch employees.


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