Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bears Don't Like Cheese

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I'm a Bears fan living in Wisconsin and I'm in for a rough weekend when the Bears and Packers meet at Soldier Field to decide the NFC Champion. Until moving to WI from IL this year, I was more of a fair weather, or uninvolved, fan. Suddenly, I've felt the need to claim my love of Chicago in all ways possible such as keeping my IL plates (ssshhhh) and putting my son in navy and orange at school.I blame it on all the Packer love displayed year round. I have fun flaunting my previous city of residence up here, especially considering the big game they're playing!

This week has been nothing but constant amusement for me. The radio is playing made up songs by DJs with the lyrics "Bears Still Suck". Everyone, but us, is wearing green and gold. News is running constant commentary on the rivalry between the Bears and the Packers. Sunday the stores will be ghost towns with the game playing over their intercom systems for the employees. Packers games are serious business up here. I'm impressed with the dedication, but I still did my grocery shopping on Sundays this year for the easy checkout.

This football game really is a huge deal. The rivalry between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers goes back over four decades. This is only the second time they've met in the post-season! This game determines who goes to the Super Bowl!!!!  We all know the Packers have been there done that many times over for the Super Bowl, and the last time the Bears were there was 2007 for a loss and 1985 for the win.  Super Bowl Shuffle anyone? I can tell you exactly what I was doing and where I lived in detail that night the Bears won in 1985.

If I was a single girl, rather than a single mom, living up here in WI (which I wouldn't be) then I'd go to Holiday's Pub & Grill in Menasha. Instead, my son and I will go get snacks from the grocery store right before the game (insane I know), and cheer our Bears on to a win when everyone else is booing and yelling obscenities at them.


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