Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wisconsin Politics - Shameful!

I don't often get into political debates or conversations because often people choose a side and stick with it. I admit I'm feeling this way right now with the political unrest here in Wisconsin right now. I did not vote for our current Governor Walker, nor am I happy with his tactics of pushing through bills for approval before anyone has a chance to look at them or argue them. With a Republican majority here, the Democrats can argue but bills will pass regardless. Herein lies the problem with the current controversy with the Democratic 14 and those that have left the State of WI for IL until Governor Walker is ready to negotiate.

I've seen people say that these Democratic leaders are cowards for leaving and they should come back to WI to fight and argue their side. The problem is that they are fighting the bill by leaving. Republicans hold a 19-14 majority but need at least one Democrat to be present in order to proceed with voting. Without a quorum, the Republicans cannot just pass this bill because they're the majority! If the Democrats come to office, they will be forced to vote, and even if they vote no the bill will pass. There is no arguing with Governor Walker! He's already said that he's not going to concede to any concessions offered.

Governor Walker has already passed bills into law his first month in office that supposedly is going to bring business into Wisconsin. What it will likely do is contribute to the supposed deficit that he's claiming. I moved to WI from IL because they were the more financially stable state. Suddenly, WI is a financial disaster now that Walker is in office? Suddenly I have to worry that my son's school is going to lose the benefits I moved here for? Ones he would not have had access to in IL? I'm sick over this Governor being in office and claiming he's helping us with all these changes. No one was really paying attention while he had his way in office - until now.

I can only hope this event wakes people up to what this man is doing and that things don't continue to spiral downward. Dictatorships have no place here.

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