Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Never Know When...

Life is funny about placing us in other people's paths when they need it. You never know when something you say will be just the thing they need to hear. I find this amazing whenever I see it unfolding right in front of me.

This week my son and I both had eye exams scheduled. I was lucky to get my appointment in the same week as my son's because this particular location is the only one in town that takes my insurance. This means they book up months in advance.

While my son was getting his exam, the eye doctor asked my occupation for their general records. Usually I stumble over myself when I say transcriptionist and freelance writer. I'm anticipating the  "Oh, so you [do nothing] for a living" comments. This time I sucked up the dread and gave a confident reply. She, the doctor, only asked how long and did I like it. Phew. Pretty soon we were out the door and headed to the frames area for the cuteness that is now my son wearing glasses.

Two days later I was in the office sans kid. Since my eyes didn't dilate all the way before the the doctor checked them, she and I had time to chat while we waited. She said that my response to the career question prompted her to share with her brother some ideas about medical transcribing since he's out of work and his wife is pregnant. I let her know that industry is changing and becoming hard to break into, but I gave her the names of websites to give him. Since he has a background in business I told her about some other options available.

I was able to share enough information about home-based businesses that hopefully this family member of hers will be able to find something he can enjoy doing. In this instance, being confident about my career and sharing it with another person allowed someone else to have an open mind about the possibilities.  I was so happy that it worked out the way it did with my coming in again so soon and having time to share information.


Soccer Mom said...

That's awesome :)

Jennifer said...

It felt awesome! And it got my mind going regarding some other opportunities in the community.

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